where imaging meets cardiac electrophysiology
Our Solution

personalized 3D map of the heart from pre-operative patient scans

Our technology, based on the research outcome of top-tier institutes in cardiac electrophysiology (IHU Liryc, Bordeaux, France) and computer science (Inria, Sophia Antipolis, France), generates a 3D map of the patient heart from medical images (CT, MRI, PET). This 3D map contains a highly detailed anatomy including structural substrate for both ventricles and atria.



A cloud-based service

For a seamless integration to the clinical workflow

This technology is provided as a cloud-based service where cardiologists send their patient scans to inHEART to be processed by our trained case analysts using our proprietary technology. This service can accomodate a wide range of image quality and underlying diseases.


Our team

An experienced and complementary
founding team

Jean-Marc Peyrat, PhD, MBA
MedTech Scientist & Entrepreneur

Pierre Jaïs, MD

Hubert Cochet, MD, PhD

Maxime Sermesant, PhD
Computer Scientist


Where imaging meets cardiac electrophysiology !

A spin-off from IHU Liryc (Bordeaux)
and Inria (Sophia Antipolis).


IHU Liryc
Hôpital Xavier Arnozan
Avenue du Haut Lévêque
33600 Pessac

+ 33 (0) 5 35 38 19 72


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