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Cardiac Electrophysiology

to gain more insights on cardiac arrhythmias !

We develop solutions to create personalized 3D maps of the heart from patient scans.


Our solution, based on the research outcome of top-tier institutes in cardiac electrophysiology (IHU Liryc) and computer science (Inria), can generate a 3D map of the patient heart from medical images (CT and/or MRI). The resulting personalized 3D map of the patient heart can include :

Chambers with myocardium boundaries

The four chambers (LV, RV, LA, RA) with both endocardium and epicardium boundaries.

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Critical Structures

The coronaries and the coronary sinus, as well as the phrenic nerves.

Abnormal Tissues

Fibrosis, calcifications, wall thinning.

An experienced and complementary founding team

Jean-Marc Peyrat 


Jean-Marc is a medtech entrepreneur and scientist with more than 10 years experience in top-tier academic and insutrial research labs in medical imaging.

He graduated from a MBA at HEC Paris with a specialization in entrepreneurship.

Pierre Jaïs 

Scientific Advisor

Pierre is a cardiologist at the University Hospital of Bordeaux with more than 25 years experience in cardiac electrophysiology. He was a pioneer in cardiac catheter ablation. With more than 600 publications, he is clearly a key opinion leader in his field.

He is also the co-director of IHU Liryc.

Hubert Cochet 

Scientific Advisor

Hubert is a radiologist at the University Hospital of Bordeaux with more than 15 years experience in cardiac imaging.  His research focused on the structure-function relationship in cardiac arrhythmias using imaging.

Maxime Sermesant 

Scientific Advisor

Maxime is a computer  scientist at Inria with more than 15 years experience in cardiac modeling, medical image analysis and machine learning. With more than 150 publications, his research  helped to personalize cardiac models from clinical data, especially imaging.